Listen to Dave's Songs

(February 22, 2014) If you'd like to listen to some Dave Elder songs while visiting this site, or even while visiting other sites, you can click on the juke box at the bottom of the page to open a music player with a bunch of Dave's songs on it, including about half of Who Said What, plus a few tracks from Elder Street and Country Drivin'.


Dave's Most Recent Music YouTube Uploads

The Take Me Further Lyric Video

Wednesday, 12/11/2013 -- Take Me Further (Lyric Video) Today Dave posted the second lyric video from Who Said What, for the song Take Me Further, and you can watch that video by clicking here or by clicking on the video image above.


The Mark on the Land Lyric Video

Monday, 10/21/2013 -- Mark on the Land (Lyric Video) Today Dave posted the first lyric video from Who Said What, for the song Mark on the Land, and you can watch that video by clicking here or by clicking on the video image above.

Dave's Playlist

Song 195, Sunday, 4/20/2014 -- Dress Rehearsal Rag by Leonard Cohen, who also wrote the song. You can find a YouTube video of this tune here. My first time through this one, listening to the Judy Collins version, I felt it was probably the most depressing song I had ever heard, until it got close to the end, when the stand-in stunt man makes his appearance, which relieved the oppressive darkness of the previous five minutes. I might not have cared to hear it again, if all the song had to offer was that hopelessness, but I also felt something very compelling in those dark phrases that drew me back again and again. Hearing the songwriter's version added another layer to the darkness, as Cohen makes himself the subject of it, rather than the you of the J.C. cover. I wouldn't recommend listening to this song if you're at a point where you need something uplifting,... Read more



Dave's Now on Radio Airplay

(March 15, 2013) Dave Elder is now a feature artist on Radio Airplay, and songs like If I Was You are now playing alongside Bob Dylan, Nickelback, Simon and Garfunkel, America, Kings of Leon, John Denver, Daughtry, The Kingston Trio, U2, Jefferson Airplane, Gordon Lightfoot and Tom Petty, in places from California to Massachusetts, Mexico, Israel, Chile, Turkey, Australia, Italy, Myanmar, Canada, Taiwan, Ireland, Rwanda, Japan, Costa Rica, Phillipines, Latvia, Colombia and United Arab Emirates. Watch this space for future updates.


Dave's New CD Now Available from CD Baby

The Who Said What CD

The Who Said What CD is now available from CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon, as well as the other usual online outlets. The 14 songs in the set (an Elder's dozen, as Dave likes to call them) offer a balanced mix of the personal and the political, from the romantic longings conveyed by Go With Me and Song of the Wood to the understated anti-war message of If I Was You, the concerns expressed in Wind Whistle about poisons released to the environment by nuclear power, the hitch-hiker's search for freedom and direction in Take Me Further, the dark nightmare landscape of nuclear destruction portrayed in Dream Revelations, the seemingly-endless conflict over the Holy Land laid out in Nobody Knows and the conversational appreciation of enduring friendship that concludes the set in So Long Friend. Click here to buy Who Said What from CD Baby -- the entire CD, or individual tracks, whatever you'd like.